Liver-Plast is an effective new formula centered around a proprietary ingredient, Solarplast™, combined with a unique combination of herbs and enzymes designed to help cleanse and repair the liver.

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Liver-Plast is an effective new formula centered around a proprietary ingredient, Solarplast™, combined with a unique combination of herbs and enzymes designed to help cleanse and repair the liver. The objective of the formula is to help counteract the effects of free radicals, the destructive by-products of oxidation damage to the cells of the body caused by such hazards as smoking, pollution, poisons, UV rays and poor diet as well as normal metabolism.

The potential health issues resulting from free radical damage are endless and other than the nearly impossible task of avoiding all of the causes, one of the best defensive measures is the intake of antioxidants—molecules that help inhibit the oxidation of other molecules.


The key ingredient in Liver-Plast is Solarplast™, an organic plant-based material derived from spinach and harness’s the power of specialized subunits called “Chloroplasts” found in plant and algal cells. Chloroplasts play a role in the conversion of light to energy as well as possessing amazing antioxidant properties. While the potential health benefits associated with Solarplast™ are unlimited, the focus here is to help repair and protect the liver by providing a natural source of cleansing antioxidants. Also included in Liver-Plast is Milk Thistle Seed Extract which provides a naturally-occurring level of Silymarin, the focus of doubleblind studies conducted to determine potential benefits of the herb on liver health. Silymarin is also a protective antioxidant which seems to help inhibit the entrance of toxins as well as blocking toxin-binding sites by alteration of the liver cell’s outer membrane. The potential benefits from the naturally-occurring triterpenes, sterols and flavonoids found in Dandelion Leaf Extract make this herb another important part of the Liver-Plast concept. Bitter resins found in Dandelion help stimulate the digestive system and help rid the body of toxins. Globe Artichoke Leaf Extract is another herb often associated with benefits for improved liver function and overall health. The natural components in Artichoke help stimulate the production of bile which acts as a sort of natural “detergent” working to transport toxins out of the liver. Protease and Lipase, two important metabolic enzymes, are included given the role they each play in proper liver function. Undigested proteins and fats in the colon are not desirable and Protease enzymes can help digest the proteins in the stomach and small intestine where the amino acids and small peptides can be absorbed. Those proteins that remain too large to be absorbed in the small intestines get passed into the large intestine where they become food for the bacteria. Some of the products of the bacterial digestion are potentially toxic, such as the ammonia and other amine compounds. Another benefit of supplementing the Protease enzymes also enhance the hydrolysis of certain proteins may be helpful to minimize potential sensitivities. Lipase enzymes are essential for digesting fats and oils. As with proteins, undigested fats in the colon can be associated with negative health issues. The fatty acid profile in the colon is important for healthy micro-flora balance and colon health.

Overall, it is critical to have proper digestion and absorption of food so that it does not end up in the colon and result in toxic by-products. These toxic products must be cleared by the liver. Reducing the amount of undigested food may assist with liver detoxification by reducing the build-up in the colon. Especially proteins and fats.*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Formulas are subject to change. Please contact Pure Health Choice for the most current formulas.


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